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Sabvest Capital – FY 22 Results – Exciting Prospects

Share Code: SBP – Market Cap: R3.2bn – Dividend Yield: 1.1%

FY 22 Results: Better than Expected

  • Sabvest Capital’s NAV grew 17.6% y/y to 11017cps beating our expectations, the Group’s HEPS was firm at 1591.2cps (FY 21: 1689.7cps) and management has materially lifted the dividend to 90cps (FY 21: 75cps).This was a busy period with a range of new investments from ARB Holdings, Halewood to Valemount Trading.
  • The Group’s investee companies executed various underlying investments from Apex buying into DRA Global to SA Bias’ Flowmax acquiring YG Prefab in the UK.

Thoughts: Exciting Portfolio Prospects

  • While ITL’s may be the only duller spot in Sabvest’s portfolio (longer-term, though, we are very optimistic about this group’s prospects), DNI-4PL is firing all cylinders, SA Bias is performing strongly, and Apex Partners is fast growing into a material investment for the Group.
  • ARB Holdings is benefitting from the boom in solar, Halewood and Valemount Trading both hold immense potential for profitable expansion from their positions in the RTD/beverage and pet industries respectively.

Valuation, 12m TP & Implied Return: Cheap & Growing

  • Updating the Group’s NAV for the latest market prices we arrive at a defendable (post-discount) fair value for Sabvest’s shares of 9227cps (previously: 8894cps), which still includes a HoldCo c.14.5% discount against this NAV.
  • Importantly, the underlying NAV appears to be conservatively valued and management’s track record for growth is well above average. These two factors combine favourably to form the Group’s investment appeal, particularly when offered at a discount (we estimate the share price currently offers a c.25% discount to NAV).
  • Rolling our post-discount fair value forward, we see the Group’s 12m TP as 10906cps (previously: 10511cps) with an implied return of +35%, excluding dividends.

Metrofile Holdings – H1:23 Results – Great Top-line Growth

Share Code: MFL – Market Cap: R1.3bn – PE: 10.0x – DY: 5.8%

H1:23 Results: Revenue & Digital Growth Occurring

  • Revenue rose +19% y/y to R564m (H1:22 – R474m), driven by a +61% y/y growth in digital services but revenue mix and costs moved against the Group’s margins and saw EBITDA only rise +6% y/y & HEPS lift +1% y/y to 15.0cps (H1:22 – 14.9cps).
  • Management returned R22.6m to shareholders through share buy-backs (c.6cps) and have declared a dividend of 9cps (H1:23 – 9cps).
  • We have somewhat lifted our forecast revenue expectations but also tried to factor more sustained inflationary pressures and higher interest rates into the Group’s forecast period.

Our Thoughts: Bottom-line Growth Coming…

  • While the current period was somewhat disappointing from a margin perspective (we did guide for margin pressure in H1:23 in our previous note), we do expect revenue growth to start to drop to the bottom-line in H2:23E.
  • The new go-to-market sales team in MRM South Africa, IronTree’s continuing (if not accelerating) growth, Metrofile VYSION’s success in the enterprise space, & a growing MRM Middle East (mostly digital services) are all likely to grow in contribution to the Group over time and, thus, the Group’s growth profile should start to move towards these businesses with their digital tailwinds.

Forecast, Valuation and Implied Return: Relatively Cheap

  • We see Metrofile’s fair value as 426cps (previously: 404cps), or c.37% higher than its current share price.
  • Importantly, our fair value implies an EV/EBITDA of 7.6x & a PE of 13.8x, which compares attractively to Iron Mountain’s current EV/EBITDA of 14.5x & PE of 27.4x.
  • Rolling our fair value forward, we arrive at a 12m TP of 496cps (previously: 473cps), implying an attractive c.60% return (including dividends) from these levels.