Private Valuation Services

Blue Gem Research offers private valuation services on a bespoke basis. The service is charged on a price/hour basis with estimated hours quoted upfront once client engagement has determined the scope of the work required.

The subject of the valuation can range from private businesses, groups of businesses, CGU’s, tangible and intangible assets, and even arrive at guidance on potential acquisitions, minority/majority stakes &/or exit transactions.

Previous private valuation clients have included:

  • Valuation of both an acquiror and acquiree company in a potential reverse listing transaction with further advice around the transaction.
  • Valuation of a non-discretionary, fresh produce retailer with an opinion expressed on the reasonableness of an incoming third-party offer.
  • Valuation of a regional real estate franchise.
  • Valuation of a manufacturing operation, advisement and guidance on a potential empowerment investment transaction and continuing input on deal mechanics.
  • Valuation of an automotive parts business with input into a potential exit.
  • Valuation of a wire racking and shelving business with a deeper analysis into its fundamentals arriving in a risk assessment.

If you are interested in these services, please email Blue Gem Research.